Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Printers and {Project Real Life}

I've been keeping up with Project Real Life and needed this class to "follow along" to get me back in gear with photo taking, but more importantly documenting. It really is so incredibly simple.

Here are pictures of my first two weeks of Project Real Life:

I've been using journaling cards that I've had from previous Project Life kits that I had leftover.
I've also been using this corner chomper by WeRMemoryKeepers. I use the 3/8th inch side which cuts the same rounded corners as Becky's pre-rounded journaling cards. This way my corners all match and that makes me happy in a silly little way. Then I sometimes use a date stamp and ink to date the journaling cards. I also had some arrow stickers from a previous Becky Higgins Project Life Kit to point to the photos I was journaling about.

I have multiple types of printers for printing out my photos. I've been in search of what would make it easier for me to print photos for project life... and I've realized... for me, hooking up my camera at the end of the week or each day and printing directly from my camera is the easiest and more assured way that I will print my photos out for that week. Now, I'm not always thrilled with the coloring, brightness, etc of the photos that I take... but I feel like at least I have decent photos that are making it into an album and that I am documenting the little stories.

Here is a list of the different printers I have:
Epson R2400: I love this one for any and all printing. I usually print 4x6, 8.5x11, 12x12, and even 13x19 prints.  This produces amazing black and white photos. The only thing I don't like about it is the need to change out matte vs glossy black ink. 

Canon Selphy CP780: Great for when I want to hook up my camera and print directly. It prints 4x6 or 2x3 credit card size photos. I'm not as happy with the quality of the print as with the Epson... but it's handy and quick.

Instax, by Fuji: This is handy and convenient as well. You take a photo with the camera itself and print it out instantly. It's like a polaroid camera from the "old days". It's great if you're say traveling and want to take photos and document along the way.

I also have the Fuji Pivi MP-300 Instant Print Camera. I do love this one for the same reason as the Instax. Only with this one I can hook up my digital camera to it and print from the photos off of my camera. I love this one even more. I can travel and print with it very easily. It prints similar sized photos as above. Here is a link to Amy Tangerine where she gave a good review of it.

I'd say I use my Epson and Fuji Pivi printers the most out of the above... but I still love them all.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I saw our forecast yesterday and knew that it was suppose to start getting cold... and snowy.
 Yesterday, not only did it get cold, it certainly got rainy and hail-y. Typical northern Maine weather.  It did snow last night and we woke up to just a dusting of snow. I really can't complain because we did have an unusually amazing summer and Fall this year. I suppose it is time to pay for all of that nice weather with a cold, snowy winter. I saw this off and on this morning. Yes, it was snowing! Brrrrr.

As I sit in my cold room, because the heat in the house has not quite caught up to warming the air, I wonder why I am living in a cold climate. I guess there is a sacrifice to be paid for enjoying four seasons. 
My agenda for today
With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I pulled out a journal I made earlier in the year. I was going to try to write in it at least once a month of things I am grateful for. Well, I made it through two months and then life got in the way. So, today, I plan to journal in my Gratitude Journal (made with a kit I bought off It came with chipboard covers and paper from the Jenni Bowlin line. It originally came with three rings but I used my zutter binder instead to bind it all. I love the way it came out. Super cute.

What are you grateful for and do you keep a gratitude journal?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Going Paperless

So, I've finally slowly starting going paperless and joining the "going green revolution". What has been my stopping me from going full-on with the whole paperless thing is how I am to keep everything organized and not to forget to pay a bill.

I've been keeping files, within files... but every month there is always a bill that slips through my hot little hands. I get emails on my iphone telling me a bill is due, but if I'm not at my computer it often gets overlooked. 

I'm hoping some of you tech, green-friendly peeps out there can give me some handy suggestions as to how you keep it all organized - the paperless way! Here's to going green!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello, Tuesday

After two weeks off of school for Potato Harvest my boys were not ready to go back to school. In fact, my youngest started last night with his moping and telling me he doesn't like school... that he doesn't want to go to school. He woke up way-early this morning (can you say 2:50am?) at my bedside with his lovey, which he affectionately calls 'Baby'. I let him climb into bed with us and after awhile he wants to go back to his bed, with me staying, of course. After a little while he tells me I can go back to my own bed if I want to. This morning he didn't even come down stairs and claimed he had a bellyache. So, it is just Benjamin and me today. We had a leisurely breakfast together, he watched some tv, googled Batman trailers on my computer while I got some work done, had lunch, and played cards. It made me realize just how little he really is and that one day home from school is not the end of the world. I will certainly remember our time together more than I will remember what I would have done had he gone to school. Moments with our little ones are precious and fleeting moments in time. Our little ones are just ours for such a short period of time... why not enjoy them and let them be little, and mopey, and let them stay home from school once in awhile... even if they're not really sick. ;)

On another note... I was so excited to find my testimonial on Becky Higgins' blog last week! How exciting is that? Even my kids know that is exciting! Becky Higgins is a household name now and my kids are learning about photography, documenting memories and stories too. Even though they are boys I am hoping to pass along that gift to them. That they too will continue with story/memory keeping throughout their adult lives as well... and they can see how easy it is!

Here is my creative space as we speak as I try to get some creative stuff done with all of my products from Scrapfest last month. :)  Speaking of which, if you took Maggie Holmes' class at Scrapfest, she has a link on her blog along the sidebar with all of the products she used to make a memory-type book. You can see that here.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Real Life

Project Real Life started yesterday over at Big Picture Classes. I've been following Becky Higgins for years now for inspiration with regards to home making/keeping, scrapbooking, organizing, and her Project Life. I started out with her very first Project Life Kit, now named the Cherry Edition. I absolutely loved the idea of just slipping photos in and journaling and being done with it. I still love the idea. I also made digital Project Life books through when that was still offered.
I made 4 copies of the same book. One for my husband and I and one for each of our boys. I love them because they are not super-duper thick and don't take up much shelf space. A bonus when our shelves are already packed to the brim and I don't have an inch of space left to put in my narrow creative space. ;)

As a registered Project Real Lifer we all got some HAPPY mail! Love them! We will be using these cards with our Project Life throughout this class for the next 12 weeks. Persnickity Prints does such an amazing job with their prints.

I'm so stinking excited to see what Becky has in store for us! I have a very busy last quarter with all the classes I've signed up for. Here's hoping to finishing them all!

Jessica Sprague's Invitations and Announcements class also started this week! If you've never checked her site out... it's a MUST. Whether you or a seasoned digital scrapper or just dipping your toes into digital... THAT is the place you must start. Her classes and videos are so easy to follow and digest. That is where I got  my start with digital scrapbooking, photography learning, photoshopping, videography, organizing, you name it. It's all there. Becky Higgins' digital project life is offered at this site too!!! It's a win-win! Get over there!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello, October!

I love Fall. What is it about the change of seasons? The smell in the air? The crisp coolness.  I also love Spring. I realized that it is the change that I love, I crave, I need. I often start rearranging furniture or organizing when I need to see change around me.

My goals for October:

1. Learn how to take my camera off of auto mode via Maggie Holmes' Photography 101 class that begun this week. ;)
2. Declutter Organize my office.
3. Declutter Organize the entry closet to my home.

I'll leave you with these beautiful photos of Fall in northern Maine. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Around Here

Falls cooler temperatures and the beautiful change in the Fall foliage signals a change in seasons and, unfortunately, a soccer season that is nearing its end.

Celebrating birthdays. Getting ready TODAY for Jonathan's 10th birthday. Always so exciting to celebrate birthdays around here. This is my birthday "season" since all my boys birthdays are in August and September.

Organizing mode. The change of seasons, especially Fall, seems to do this to me every year. My husband used to think I was pregnant whenever I started organizing (since the birth of my three boys in the Fall). I have a list of organizing spots around the house. This list never seems to get smaller or ever seems to be finished.

Currently have reorganized my scrapbook room, again. This time I ordered a pegboard. Hopefully this will be one of the last times I do a major scrapbook room makeover (probably not). I do love to organize.

Potato Harvest Break around here. After having started school in mid-August, the boys are off school for two weeks for harvest break which is ironic because almost no one picks potatoes around here anymore. It becomes a less expensive vacation for many as it is off season and less expensive to travel.
Cold season is upon us. I've been battling my yearly Fall cold, a little early this year. Hopefully this will be my one and only cold.

Juicing is what Michael does nearly every morning. I know I should also drink this juice, be healthier, and it would probably boost my immune system. Mental note to self: to take better care of my health and nutrition.

Wishing I lived closer to family. 6 hours is not a horrible drive, but it certainly makes for a long one. I would even be happy with a 4 hour drive. Wishing I could just jump over to my mom's or sister's for dinner or call her up and ask her out to lunch.

Reading Where We Belong, by Emily Griffin, picked this up while at the airport in Boston in transit from Minneapolis (Scrapfest2012 and Spraguefest 2012). Also read Something Borrowed, by Emily Griffin. These are an easy read, but I just love them.

Just bought some new designer jeans. Never would have bought them before, but they really do fit so much better than some of my other jeans. Loving these brands right now: Hudson, 7 for all mankind, and Paige jeans. I bought these at with free shipping and returns. Love that.  The only problem with these designer jeans is that they are made for models legs. They are soooo very long... so they will need to be hemmed, but I think this is the way jeans are. If you find some that are perfect in the butt and thighs, but too long... get them hemmed. If they fit everywhere but the waist, get the waist hemmed. :)

Getting ready to celebrate a baby shower for my baby brother and his wife, their first... and it's a girl. It's been awhile since there has been a little baby in the family. So excited for that. Can't wait to hold a little one again. It makes me wish I had a little girl. Is 42 too late to have a baby? Probably. Life is so much easier now that the kids are somewhat independent. No bottles, no diapers, but most importantly no middle-of-the-night wake up calls. I'm relishing my full nights sleep.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phew. It'll be a week since I've returned from Minneapolis, MN to attend Spraguefest 2012 and Scrapfest 2012. Literally, when I stepped foot into my home I hit the ground running. It was as if I had never left... only it looked like a crumb/paper/dish/clothing bomb went off in my home!

This is the entrance to my laundry room... (I was just too embarrassed to actually post a photo of my kitchen... not that I should be embarrassed, I didn't make the mess, right?) Nearly a weeks worth of clothing piling up for me while away. Although, I must give some credit to the DH for doing one load of towels (left unfolded and thrown into the basket), and one load of dishes (still in the dishwasher), and a load of dishes in the sink (unwashed). However, he did manage to work, get them to school on-time, pick them up and get them to where they needed to be for their sporting events, and had them fed. He made it all work! I love this man!

This was my first time ever to Scrapfest and my second to Spraguefest. I have to say that they were both a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Jessica Sprague and her team were as warm as ever and so sweet. They are always, always a pleasure to meet and learn from whether in the real world or online.

I have enjoyed both Spraguefests that I have attended and will certainly go to more in the future!

My roommates were the best! We had a great time and got along well! Representing Maine, Utah, Florida, and Minnesota. I couldn't have asked for nicer people... They were the sweetest.

First of all, Mall of America, really?! Where I live we have a one story mall that you can walk through, end-to-end, in probably 5 minutes. No kidding. Mall of America? I got lost. I could never figure out which direction I was walking and even forgot where we parked the car, the first day. There were so many vendors, scrappers, shoppers, etc. Truly a sight to see.

I was lucky enough to be able to get into most of the classes at Scrapfest that I was curious about. I was able to meet the lovely and animated Heidi Swapp, for the second time ever. She couldn't be sweeter!

The very talented and creative Tim Holtz. I love his products, but really had no idea how to use them... the "right" way. Now, after taking one of his classes, I have a pretty good idea of at least a smattering of different techniques I can put to use.

The very pretty, creative, and talented Maggie Holmes was my last class during my Scrapfest stay. Loved learning her layering techniques because this is so different from how I scrapbook. I dare say I may try some of her techniques on some of my scrapbook pages.

Did I mention to top the trip all off I went on a "bull ride" for the first time ever... It ended up being nerve wracking, but  a whole lot of fun!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Introducing Childhood products for Project Life

I have been waiting for this childhood edition mini kits from Becky Higgins, designed by the very talented Lori Whitlock. I absolutely LOVE the colors in the kits (of which there are three).

1. Wellington (neutral)
2. Bridgeport (boyish)
3. Mayfield (girlish)

Here are some photos of each kit.

Wellington Edition:

Bridgeport Edition:

Mayfield Edition:

Lori Whitlock is giving away a free Childhood Mini Kit of your choice! Head on over to her blog at and find out more about this talented designer!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ok. So I've been a little delinquent, to put it mildly, in blogging. The summer is super-duper busy around here with my three boys and not a whole lot of time to do much else. So, now the kiddos are back in school I have a bit more "down time".

I'm hopping on today because I'm so excited about Becky Higgins' new Baby Edition Project Life!! If you haven't been following her blog... you must. She has just announced the new Baby Edition Kits that should be available towards the end of November. There is a Baby Boy, Baby Girl, and a plain old Baby Edition (neutral). They are gorgeous and she has thought of every little detail! If you haven't made a baby album for your little one... whether they are just born, not born, or even if they're 25, it doesn't matter. This is an easy solution to quickly and easily make a very memorable album.

Here is the Baby Edition for Him (gorgeous - eeek!)

Here is the Baby Edition for Her (so wish I had a little girl- sigh)

And the Baby Edition:

Here is a link to her youtube video showing you how she has started to put together her now, 4 year old son, Crew's, baby album.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get my hands on those kits!