Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phew. It'll be a week since I've returned from Minneapolis, MN to attend Spraguefest 2012 and Scrapfest 2012. Literally, when I stepped foot into my home I hit the ground running. It was as if I had never left... only it looked like a crumb/paper/dish/clothing bomb went off in my home!

This is the entrance to my laundry room... (I was just too embarrassed to actually post a photo of my kitchen... not that I should be embarrassed, I didn't make the mess, right?) Nearly a weeks worth of clothing piling up for me while away. Although, I must give some credit to the DH for doing one load of towels (left unfolded and thrown into the basket), and one load of dishes (still in the dishwasher), and a load of dishes in the sink (unwashed). However, he did manage to work, get them to school on-time, pick them up and get them to where they needed to be for their sporting events, and had them fed. He made it all work! I love this man!

This was my first time ever to Scrapfest and my second to Spraguefest. I have to say that they were both a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Jessica Sprague and her team were as warm as ever and so sweet. They are always, always a pleasure to meet and learn from whether in the real world or online.

I have enjoyed both Spraguefests that I have attended and will certainly go to more in the future!

My roommates were the best! We had a great time and got along well! Representing Maine, Utah, Florida, and Minnesota. I couldn't have asked for nicer people... They were the sweetest.

First of all, Mall of America, really?! Where I live we have a one story mall that you can walk through, end-to-end, in probably 5 minutes. No kidding. Mall of America? I got lost. I could never figure out which direction I was walking and even forgot where we parked the car, the first day. There were so many vendors, scrappers, shoppers, etc. Truly a sight to see.

I was lucky enough to be able to get into most of the classes at Scrapfest that I was curious about. I was able to meet the lovely and animated Heidi Swapp, for the second time ever. She couldn't be sweeter!

The very talented and creative Tim Holtz. I love his products, but really had no idea how to use them... the "right" way. Now, after taking one of his classes, I have a pretty good idea of at least a smattering of different techniques I can put to use.

The very pretty, creative, and talented Maggie Holmes was my last class during my Scrapfest stay. Loved learning her layering techniques because this is so different from how I scrapbook. I dare say I may try some of her techniques on some of my scrapbook pages.

Did I mention to top the trip all off I went on a "bull ride" for the first time ever... It ended up being nerve wracking, but  a whole lot of fun!

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