Thursday, September 27, 2012

Around Here

Falls cooler temperatures and the beautiful change in the Fall foliage signals a change in seasons and, unfortunately, a soccer season that is nearing its end.

Celebrating birthdays. Getting ready TODAY for Jonathan's 10th birthday. Always so exciting to celebrate birthdays around here. This is my birthday "season" since all my boys birthdays are in August and September.

Organizing mode. The change of seasons, especially Fall, seems to do this to me every year. My husband used to think I was pregnant whenever I started organizing (since the birth of my three boys in the Fall). I have a list of organizing spots around the house. This list never seems to get smaller or ever seems to be finished.

Currently have reorganized my scrapbook room, again. This time I ordered a pegboard. Hopefully this will be one of the last times I do a major scrapbook room makeover (probably not). I do love to organize.

Potato Harvest Break around here. After having started school in mid-August, the boys are off school for two weeks for harvest break which is ironic because almost no one picks potatoes around here anymore. It becomes a less expensive vacation for many as it is off season and less expensive to travel.
Cold season is upon us. I've been battling my yearly Fall cold, a little early this year. Hopefully this will be my one and only cold.

Juicing is what Michael does nearly every morning. I know I should also drink this juice, be healthier, and it would probably boost my immune system. Mental note to self: to take better care of my health and nutrition.

Wishing I lived closer to family. 6 hours is not a horrible drive, but it certainly makes for a long one. I would even be happy with a 4 hour drive. Wishing I could just jump over to my mom's or sister's for dinner or call her up and ask her out to lunch.

Reading Where We Belong, by Emily Griffin, picked this up while at the airport in Boston in transit from Minneapolis (Scrapfest2012 and Spraguefest 2012). Also read Something Borrowed, by Emily Griffin. These are an easy read, but I just love them.

Just bought some new designer jeans. Never would have bought them before, but they really do fit so much better than some of my other jeans. Loving these brands right now: Hudson, 7 for all mankind, and Paige jeans. I bought these at with free shipping and returns. Love that.  The only problem with these designer jeans is that they are made for models legs. They are soooo very long... so they will need to be hemmed, but I think this is the way jeans are. If you find some that are perfect in the butt and thighs, but too long... get them hemmed. If they fit everywhere but the waist, get the waist hemmed. :)

Getting ready to celebrate a baby shower for my baby brother and his wife, their first... and it's a girl. It's been awhile since there has been a little baby in the family. So excited for that. Can't wait to hold a little one again. It makes me wish I had a little girl. Is 42 too late to have a baby? Probably. Life is so much easier now that the kids are somewhat independent. No bottles, no diapers, but most importantly no middle-of-the-night wake up calls. I'm relishing my full nights sleep.

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