Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello, Tuesday

After two weeks off of school for Potato Harvest my boys were not ready to go back to school. In fact, my youngest started last night with his moping and telling me he doesn't like school... that he doesn't want to go to school. He woke up way-early this morning (can you say 2:50am?) at my bedside with his lovey, which he affectionately calls 'Baby'. I let him climb into bed with us and after awhile he wants to go back to his bed, with me staying, of course. After a little while he tells me I can go back to my own bed if I want to. This morning he didn't even come down stairs and claimed he had a bellyache. So, it is just Benjamin and me today. We had a leisurely breakfast together, he watched some tv, googled Batman trailers on my computer while I got some work done, had lunch, and played cards. It made me realize just how little he really is and that one day home from school is not the end of the world. I will certainly remember our time together more than I will remember what I would have done had he gone to school. Moments with our little ones are precious and fleeting moments in time. Our little ones are just ours for such a short period of time... why not enjoy them and let them be little, and mopey, and let them stay home from school once in awhile... even if they're not really sick. ;)

On another note... I was so excited to find my testimonial on Becky Higgins' blog last week! How exciting is that? Even my kids know that is exciting! Becky Higgins is a household name now and my kids are learning about photography, documenting memories and stories too. Even though they are boys I am hoping to pass along that gift to them. That they too will continue with story/memory keeping throughout their adult lives as well... and they can see how easy it is!

Here is my creative space as we speak as I try to get some creative stuff done with all of my products from Scrapfest last month. :)  Speaking of which, if you took Maggie Holmes' class at Scrapfest, she has a link on her blog along the sidebar with all of the products she used to make a memory-type book. You can see that here.

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