Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Printers and {Project Real Life}

I've been keeping up with Project Real Life and needed this class to "follow along" to get me back in gear with photo taking, but more importantly documenting. It really is so incredibly simple.

Here are pictures of my first two weeks of Project Real Life:

I've been using journaling cards that I've had from previous Project Life kits that I had leftover.
I've also been using this corner chomper by WeRMemoryKeepers. I use the 3/8th inch side which cuts the same rounded corners as Becky's pre-rounded journaling cards. This way my corners all match and that makes me happy in a silly little way. Then I sometimes use a date stamp and ink to date the journaling cards. I also had some arrow stickers from a previous Becky Higgins Project Life Kit to point to the photos I was journaling about.

I have multiple types of printers for printing out my photos. I've been in search of what would make it easier for me to print photos for project life... and I've realized... for me, hooking up my camera at the end of the week or each day and printing directly from my camera is the easiest and more assured way that I will print my photos out for that week. Now, I'm not always thrilled with the coloring, brightness, etc of the photos that I take... but I feel like at least I have decent photos that are making it into an album and that I am documenting the little stories.

Here is a list of the different printers I have:
Epson R2400: I love this one for any and all printing. I usually print 4x6, 8.5x11, 12x12, and even 13x19 prints.  This produces amazing black and white photos. The only thing I don't like about it is the need to change out matte vs glossy black ink. 

Canon Selphy CP780: Great for when I want to hook up my camera and print directly. It prints 4x6 or 2x3 credit card size photos. I'm not as happy with the quality of the print as with the Epson... but it's handy and quick.

Instax, by Fuji: This is handy and convenient as well. You take a photo with the camera itself and print it out instantly. It's like a polaroid camera from the "old days". It's great if you're say traveling and want to take photos and document along the way.

I also have the Fuji Pivi MP-300 Instant Print Camera. I do love this one for the same reason as the Instax. Only with this one I can hook up my digital camera to it and print from the photos off of my camera. I love this one even more. I can travel and print with it very easily. It prints similar sized photos as above. Here is a link to Amy Tangerine where she gave a good review of it.

I'd say I use my Epson and Fuji Pivi printers the most out of the above... but I still love them all.

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