Friday, October 12, 2012


I saw our forecast yesterday and knew that it was suppose to start getting cold... and snowy.
 Yesterday, not only did it get cold, it certainly got rainy and hail-y. Typical northern Maine weather.  It did snow last night and we woke up to just a dusting of snow. I really can't complain because we did have an unusually amazing summer and Fall this year. I suppose it is time to pay for all of that nice weather with a cold, snowy winter. I saw this off and on this morning. Yes, it was snowing! Brrrrr.

As I sit in my cold room, because the heat in the house has not quite caught up to warming the air, I wonder why I am living in a cold climate. I guess there is a sacrifice to be paid for enjoying four seasons. 
My agenda for today
With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I pulled out a journal I made earlier in the year. I was going to try to write in it at least once a month of things I am grateful for. Well, I made it through two months and then life got in the way. So, today, I plan to journal in my Gratitude Journal (made with a kit I bought off It came with chipboard covers and paper from the Jenni Bowlin line. It originally came with three rings but I used my zutter binder instead to bind it all. I love the way it came out. Super cute.

What are you grateful for and do you keep a gratitude journal?

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