Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ok. So I've been a little delinquent, to put it mildly, in blogging. The summer is super-duper busy around here with my three boys and not a whole lot of time to do much else. So, now the kiddos are back in school I have a bit more "down time".

I'm hopping on today because I'm so excited about Becky Higgins' new Baby Edition Project Life!! If you haven't been following her blog... you must. She has just announced the new Baby Edition Kits that should be available towards the end of November. There is a Baby Boy, Baby Girl, and a plain old Baby Edition (neutral). They are gorgeous and she has thought of every little detail! If you haven't made a baby album for your little one... whether they are just born, not born, or even if they're 25, it doesn't matter. This is an easy solution to quickly and easily make a very memorable album.

Here is the Baby Edition for Him (gorgeous - eeek!)

Here is the Baby Edition for Her (so wish I had a little girl- sigh)

And the Baby Edition:

Here is a link to her youtube video showing you how she has started to put together her now, 4 year old son, Crew's, baby album.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get my hands on those kits!

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