Thursday, May 5, 2011

my love/hate relationship with my dear imac

Oh how happy I was the day I got my imac. It zipped right along like a dream. No waiting. Everything just popped right up on my screen like magic. I. was. in. computer. heaven.

Fast forward three years and I am waiting and waiting for applications to start, or not start in some cases, most cases these days. Particularly when using photoshop and iphoto. That dreaded colorful, rainbow, spinning ball teases me with whether or not my application or website will open up.

Julia, from Apple care, was very helpful in helping me reset certain things. For the most part it seems to be humming along,  with a little hiccup here and there. That little hiccup being mainly the use of photoshop and iphoto. So, I have 231 days left on my apple care and I'm hoping my computer will not die on me.

So, here's the question. Do I buy a new imac, mac pro, or just go for a super duper macbook pro as my main compy? I do not want to have to buy a new computer every 3 years.

So my question to you is what would you do? What do you have? What computer could you not live without?

I love my giant 24 inch imac screen, but lately, a love affair it has not been.

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