Thursday, January 21, 2010


The boys are growing up so fast. Sometimes I look at them when they're sleeping and hope they are having a happy childhood. I try not to think about them growing up so fast and going off to college. Alex still needs us to fall asleep... he still gets a little scared, but will try to sleep, with complaints. He goes in and out of his room a dozen times before either Michael or myself gives in and lies down with him. He falls asleep MUCH faster when one of us stays with him. When trying to fall asleep on his own it can take an hour or more. He usually falls asleep around 9:30. Why is it that when Michael or I are in his bed that he is able to relax and fall asleep so much more quickly? I blame it on the co-sleeping idea that was so "in" back in 2000. He's 9 and we're still co-sleeping! I'm trying to relish this time knowing that it won't last forever and that he is still a little boy that needs his mom and dad. Another 8 years and he will hopefully be going off to college... it really is hard to believe that they really do grow up that fast.

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  1. I found your blog through Becky Higgins. I enjoyed your comment you posted on her site today. Wow. I really enjoyed your post. My son still needs me to lay with him every night too. Last night, I told him he had to try and fall asleep by himself. After getting up and coming into the room where I was about 5 times, I gave in and laid down with him. He turns seven this week. I loved reading your post that these days won't last forever. I tell myself that too. He won't be a little boy forever, and I am glad that I comfort him. He told me last night that it was the best time to talk to me, because in the morning I am cranky trying to get ready for work. Ouch. That kinda hurt...
    I enjoyed reading that I am not the only mom still laying with her son at night!!
    I will have to check back often. :D