Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swimming lessons...and little boys...

Lesson 1:Add Image
Okay. So here are the boys. All dressed in their swimsuits, swim cap (required), and professional goggles (that only go over the eyes, not the nose) purchased at the front desk of the Regional Sports Complexe in Edmundston, New Brunswick. They look great...actually, absolutely adorable. They are excited and nervous about their lessons. Ready, set, go!
Okay, it didn't actually get off to a roaring start, to put it mildly. Okay the first day was NOT good. Benjamin would not even put his feet into the water without me going in with him. So, we ended up sitting and watched his class have their lesson while Benjamin ate a snack of Crackers and cheese. By the time he was finished with his crackers and cheese he was ready to try going into the water...but by then his lesson was once again, tears. Jonathan got into the water, yea Jono!, but then he couldn't understand the teacher (they teach in French in Edmundston) the poor thing didn't understand what he was suppose to do. So, he cried at the wall near me, trying to hide behind my legs so other parents could not see him, for maybe 5 minutes...or 7 okay, maybe it was seemed an eternity...eventually I coaxed him out of the water as it was obvious he wasn't going to continue his lesson. So that was day one. Alex didn't swim because he was sick. Talk about discouraging, but i refused to give up! I gave the boys a little "talkin' too" about how the lessons cost a lot of money that their father worked very hard for, and that they are not to give up, and were acting spoiled. The water was 89 degrees F, like bath water! They should not have complaints. I think I was a little harsh, but I think I got through to them...we'll see tomorrow. I have to remember to brings snacks in the car for them to munch on the way to the lesson...and water. Lesson 2:
Okay, they're still willing to get dressed for swimming after yesterdays "experience" and my talk. I'm glad it didn't backfire.
Alex is well enough to go into the water today. Jonathan now has more confidence with his brother at his side to proceed with swimming lessons. Benjamin, lo and behold, also went right into the water. AMAZING! Were these the same kids I brought yesterday?? Perhaps I spoke too soon. Jonathan got water in his nose and started crying. Okay, he won't stop. Lesson over for Jono. Perhaps next weekend will be better. Alex managed to stay in the entire time! Benjamin too. Benjamin was a little trooper and I think they're all even learning a bit of French! ("fort" means strong...un peu (little) and they even count to ten in french...un, deu, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix). Okay, I had another talk with the boys. This time about the water in the nose business. I told them that I know it hurts A LOT when water goes in the nose, but that they need to clear their little noses, breathe, and then try to push past it and continue with the lesson. NOT TO CRY every time this happens. Whew...I hope my little talks are helping.
Lesson 3/4: I can't believe it! They all went into the water without a hitch and stayed in without any complaints!! Although I did see Alex and Jono make a couple of faces when they got water in their noses...but they managed to push past it!! After the lesson, Jono and Alex relayed to me that they did get water in their nose, but didn't cry. I told them I was so proud of them for being strong and pushing through it.
Lessons 5/6:
How the boys have taken up swimming!! We've been going every saturday and sunday morning, to Canada, for the past 3 weekends. Alex and Jono are now putting their heads under water WITHOUT holding their noses!! Yea!! I really didn't think I would ever see that day. Alex and Jono are floating on their bellies and backs and even swimming about 10-15 feet or so. Alex told me he is able to go under water for about 13 seconds and can tread water for 15 seconds. All that in as little as 3 weekends (6 lessons). This is a miracle to me and I am so PROUD of them all!!! So happy.

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