Saturday, March 18, 2017

(Re) building a Post and Beam Home

Have you ever built a home before? I've heard from many people that have built their own homes that they would probably never do it again. The process is long and more likely than not, much longer and more expensive than you think it will be. You have to do your due diligence in finding the right builder, an honest builder, and honest hardworking subcontractors. That's not an easy thing to do.

We originally finished building our post and beam home in 2004. I'm pretty sure we started thinking about the idea of building in 2000 and actually broke ground in May of 2002. The ground was too hard and cold from the long winter we had to wait until it thawed out.

We spent many hours (well, my husband spent many hours walking the land that we were going to build on (while I spent a few hours).  In my defense, I was pregnant at the time, and had a one year-old who didn't like to sleep much.

Anyway, he spent so much time walking through the forest with a compass, ribbon, staked it all out and put ribbons on trees marking out the very long driveway, and the direction the house should face, etc. He was amazing and a bit OCD about building this house. He has a spatial brain, while mine is... well, let's just say, I was better at seeing things once the trees were down and the space was ready to build and the home was ready to decorate.

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