Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Getting Started with Project Life

So I've been memory keeping and scrapbooking for most of my life. Becky Higgins has revolutionized scrapbooking/memory keeping in a way that makes it doable and super easy to document your story, your way. You don't need a lot of materials to get started. 

Everything they do is centered around cultivating a good life and recording it. That’s why they created Project Life® — the super simple pocket scrapbooking system that makes it ridiculously easy to document your story! Project Life is a memory-keeping life saver. 

It's also known as pocket scrapbooking/memorykeeping.  Project Life® is an ultra-simple, ├╝ber-stylish solution for getting your photos off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums. Gone are the days of cutting, pasting, buying oodles of supplies, and spending hours on an album. Or even hours on just one page.

Enter Project Life. Simply choose a Project Life Album, select a Core Kit full of artfully-designed cards, and slip them into their Photo Pocket Pages along with your treasured photos and you’re done! By spending less time on your albums, you’ll have more time to rearrange your sock drawer, give Fido a bath, or clean your house. Well, you get the idea. 
If you've been on the fence or think that scrapbooking is not for you... think again. It could't be any easier.

If you'd rather not deal with any paper at all, there is a digital version that you can use on your computer using photoshop elements or photoshop. You will need to know the basics of adding photos into photoshop (but this is a very small learning curve). 

Or even easier, you can download the project life app from iTunes and memory keep in the palm of your hand.

Becky Higgins has also started selling Stone wrapping paper. It makes wrapping gifts a breeze. The paper does not tear. It cuts like butter, and can be used for more than just wrapping! It comes in many different designs too. (I'm in love with the black and white striped paper). It can be used for any.thing.

Here is a link if you want to get started!

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