Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring Concert

Spring concert was yesterday for my little ones at school. Oh so adorable. I do love concert days because these days are the only ones where they are willing to get a bit dressed up without any complaints. So, I, of course, was armed with camera in hand. Ready for those perfect shots of those cherubic smiling faces trying to sing a tune. Well, I was able to get some smiles out of one of my guys and a pseudo-hidden smile from the other. I guess it is better than nothing.

Spring Concerts mark the nearing of the end of the school year. It marks another year done. It means my kids are getting older. It means I'm getting older. It also means that as the school year comes to an end, the summer will begin. It means no rushed, hectic mornings. It means leisurely, unhurried mornings where no one is stressed out or rushing to find last minute things for school. We are all looking forward to a nice, warm, relaxing, fun summer full of memories to be made.  Of course we'll throw in some summer recreational activities, play dates, and swim dates, so as to keep the boredom at bay, but for the most part it will be a fun time to be had by all. There may not be a whole lot of time for scrapbooking, but I'm sure I'll squeeze some in... and what I don't get in, I know I will have lots of photos and stories to tell waiting for me come Fall.  What are your summer plans? Remember, making memories and spending time with family and friends are more important than scrapping them. You'll always have time to scrap, but your kids, family, etc will only be with you for a short while before they grow up and get busy.

We are having a lovely day over in our part of the world, I hope you do too!

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