Monday, March 7, 2011

Project Life

Becky Higgins has been an incredible inspiration with the introduction of Project Life. I have to say that it took me a year before I truly grasped the whole idea and went with it. It has truly changed the way I scrapbook and how I see LIFE. I am no longer mulling over ideas and layouts, but I am actually getting photos and their stories into scrapbooks! I hadn't really had the time or the creative juices to complete layouts... busy, busy, busy with kids, household duties, etc... and not being able to focus on a layout. With Project Life I am now regularly downloading, reviewing, and printing daily photos to put into the album. Just little snapshots of our little life together. It has been great. No pressure. Just documenting daily life. Nothing fancy. Plus, whenever I feel like it I'll just add other mementos to the album from our life be it report cards, a receipt from Gap, or ticket stubs. What I like the most about it is telling my stories and documenting it with photos.  That's  not to say I don't still think about doing layouts. It's just that I've removed the pressure from myself to "keep up" and knowing that I am still documenting our life together.... just in a different way, is liberating.  Plus at the end of the year I'll have something to show for it. Whereas in previous years I had intentions of doing layouts, but  never getting to them.  What I like is that is Simple. Less is more. I can handle that.

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