Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ahni and Zoe Consultant

I love scrapbooking. I love everything about it. I love memory keeping, reliving memories through my stories. It keeps them alive. I get to remember them all over again. As the memory keeper and story teller in my family I'm hoping, one day, my kids will come to cherish these stories as much as I do and I hope that they will treasure each of the stories more and more throughout their lives.

Years ago I was a Creative Memories consultant. My family was young though and I just couldn't keep it going. Well, my kids are now older, still need me, but older which allows me to put in more effort into maybe becoming a consultant again.

In looking into Creative Memories again, I found out that they've turned into a company called Ahni and Zoe, by Creative Memories. Well, looking into the company, it seems they've gone into the pocket photo business as well as a traditional bent. It can still be Your Story | Your Way. I've decided to give it another go and will see how things turn out this time around.

If you want to look into Ahni and Zoe check out my website: ahniandzoe.com/rosanissenbaum where you can learn more about the company. You can order from me or if you're so inclined and want to buy products for yourself or sell yourself, you can join "my team." I think it's pretty cool and keeping memories in any way is a good thing.

Stay tuned. I'll be sharing some of my layouts with their products soon.

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