Monday, March 26, 2012

We were spoiled last week with 80 degree summery weather and are now back to freezing temperatures and high winds. It's so unbelievably cold. No surprise for weather in northern Maine. So, I am hibernating once again and am spending my days organizing areas of my house that have been severely neglected (like my closet) plus many other areas. I'll share photos of my transformation once I'm finished with my projects. I've also been watching a highly addicting show I came across on MyStyle network called "The Amandas". Love, love, love the show! It's all about purging, organizing, and getting your spaces neat and organized with everything in its place. Wednesday nights at 11 est. You really should tune in to watch it. Tell me you won't want to get organized after watching it.

With warm and cold weather brings sick children. I have two sick ones at home with me today so my work will be short as well as this blog post. Hope you all stay warm.

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